Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Elena Rosell: "I know that just arrived and is going to be tough"

Elena Rosell satisfied with its first test in Valencia, but is aware that there is a long way to go. More than 160 laps of the Ricardo Tormo circuit and a 25th place in the standings, still have not shaken the nut driver the feeling of being "amazed" when he remembers that until one year was more a fan in the stands or on the couch of his home watching the bikes through television. Thus, not surprisingly, confesses that he still ashamed to greet fans who will see it.

- How have you been on the bike?

"Honestly it on Tuesday and I got to the circuit montarme on the bike in the garage to put the handlebars, foot pegs and shift lever to my taste, then you could see that the position was somewhat" rare ", but still I could not confirm until the Wednesday morning made my first foray into track. going out of boxes I was sitting on it will be my fellow-sufferers during this season, my Moriwaki Moto2, somewhat different in a position on the bike I had ridden the last season, but quite reliable in their front. After several laps I was adjusting to my saddle and we expand our level of confidence at every turn made improving the layout of Cheste, and after three days of training we have made progress in all directions, although we know we'll have to keep working and adapting to this new bike to go up in this challenging and competitive category. "

- Did you expect to finish at No. 25?

"The truth is that after a considerable hiatus, we test this first with no target, much less of position. The main thing was to get the new bike, a lot of laps, knowing the team well and the bike to know what direction we must work together and move forward more quickly. And we did, rolling each day many turns, gain confidence step by step "

- How was the meeting with your partner Damian Cudlin and your team?

"Okay, I got to know Damian for the trip to Paris to meet members of the QMMF, but now we have had more time to share our impressions of the bike and so on, and I think will be a partner in the which to lean for further progress due to their level of experience, much higher than mine, and I'm sure will help me a lot. And as for the team, great. In Cheste and I worked one hundred percent with all of them, especially with my technical side, they are all wonderful people who I've been wrapped up soon and excited to move forward together, I feel at home. "

- It's too early, but do you have confidence these early workouts? Do you see most likely now after going through Valencia?

"Well is much work to do, certainly I have more confidence after this first contact, because I could meet my team, my bike and perhaps a part of the atmosphere you can breathe in and out of this track. But I know you just got, I'll be competing against other drivers who exceed me in experience in every way and this is going to be tough, but we are willing to work to improve. "

- How many times have given in these three days?

"The first day I 57, the second 54 and I remember that the third 53".

- Do you still like a dream or you get used to being in the World?

"Undoubtedly it is a continuous sleep, it will be difficult, but we are dreaming. I will share track with very good drivers coming up from the former category 125 and others as good as down for lack of space in the premier class, it's amazing for me to be part of this Moto2 grid, made a great team. Competing in a tournament I've been following for many years, as do many fans, from television, where now it will not, now I will do as a pilot , a real privilege. "

- What do you think you've got in Valencia and what you hope to improve on your next appointment at Jerez?

"In Valencia we took confidence with our horse and we have known and learned how to work in the garage, how to communicate with my mechanics, endless things in which we will also go forward. And Sherry, I expect a little more of the same, keep doing miles on my bike to get to know better and know what I need to continue to improve, step by step. "

- What about the fans? Have you noticed your support in Valencia?

"The truth is that it is amazing, in Valencia with the cold that had made motorcycle fans in the stands willing to endure the cold so to see the drivers roll, roll to see us, and that's always appreciated. While some is that where more messages of support and encouragement received samples is via facebook, to me these people are also part of this project or dream I'm doing because their messages are of little use. "

- Any story that has happened already in the track?

 "Now I do not know what to say, having been so focused on this first contact I'll be sure to last many details overlooked. What I did I perhaps was rare to see people in the stands, every time track out to greet me and others, was somewhat familiar, because a year before I had been in that position to greet other drivers, and now I'm on the other side, where we seem a bit inaccessible to others, and as I did not feel that way might even say I was kind of embarrassed to greet the stands. "

- A commitment or desire to Jerez

"Well what else I can ask, keep progressing and working as we did in Valencia for improvement."

Source: Walnut

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