Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jorge Lorenzo: "I am excited this season"

The rider Jorge Lorenzo has written on his personal blog today for 20minutes, which shows full of positive energy in the face of MotoGP preseason test 2 at the Sepang circuit to be held next week.

The pilot Jorge Lorenzo is about to start the trip to Malaysia, where next week will play back the throttle on his Yamaha 1000cc, as it reaches the second official preseason test for the category of MotoGP , so to follow improving for the 2012 season.

Only been three weeks after the first touchdown in the Sepang circuit , and now their turn to see the work that has been done with their bikes these days between workouts, the start of the season approaches, thus playing put everything in place and continue working.

Hi, just been three weeks and Malaysia awaits us again. I have my bags ready and depart in a few hours to make the new tests.

Although for 99 have not been three weeks of relaxation, but that has been full of events , training and preparation for the 2012 MotoGP, one of the events that was was the gala awards of 20 minutes in Madrid, also participated in a race on ice, the final round of the GAP GSeries .

The bad news is that in this test on ice in Andorra caught cold, and also a bad cold , which left him unable to sit the examination of movement of motorcycle, the only step that remains to have the card, we will touch wait until around Sepang.

The truth is that three weeks have been very intense, I've been to Madrid in 20 minutes giving gala awards to the best blogs in Andorra by a car race on ice in which I had so much fun, the downside was that I caught a cold and could not examine me tremendous movement which is the only step left for me to finally have the bike card, thank goodness it is not necessary for racing.

In nothing is flying to Malaysia , where he expects his team, your bike and your feelings, you know you have lots of work but is excited about his M1 and the 2012 season.

Anyway, back to the competition I have to confess I'm very excited this season for the good feelings that I passed the new M1.

Well I will finalize preparations for the trip and write you back from Malaysia hoping to confirm the good feelings of the previous test.

Now have to wait to see what explains Lorenzo from Sepang.

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