Sunday, February 26, 2012

The World AJR debut with Ricky Cardus

Driver, team and motion for a project throughout Iberia. The constrain Racing, former Bainet Sport (factory team in the Derbi 125 GP), will present this year in Moto2 World with the already announced Ricky Cardus at the controls of an AJR, Catalan Moto2 made ​​in La Garriga, his debut in Championship.

Constrain the formation of Karlos, popular chef and TV personality in Spain, has taken this decision in light of recent results of official testing at Jerez de la Frontera with Cardus who has alternated between Suter and AJR.
Already last year the constrain Racing had participated in the Moto2 CEV with AJR , starring in the penultimate round in Valencia with Roman Ramos came within a whisker of a surprise victory only to the nuanced photofinish.

Derbi aside, the AJR will be the first motorcycle at the start of the Iberian World Championship since the days of the late Antonio JJ Cobas Cobas, the designer who has created a 125cc carried in triumph by the likes of Sito Pons and Alex Criville.


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