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jorge Lorenzo: In 2011 I've Made Few Mistake

Q: After staging in Sepang and after four months of physical withdrawal at home, has regained the nerve to run again? 
A: Yes, yes. The truth is that I really wanted and enjoyed in Malaysia.

Q: What was your excitement for returning to Sepang and ride a MotoGP bike again? 
A: As it was easier than I expected it easier than ever. I picked up the pace quickly and felt pilot speed again in just four or five laps.

Q: Do you eat much the head with his finger [sectioned at Phillip Island 2011]? 
A: Yes, a little, because you always have the doubt whether it will or not. The clutch of the M1 is different from the small bikes and in two rounds and I saw that I was not going to affect anything. That motivated me a lot.

Q: Does this bike puts a thousand? 
A: There are things about her that yes, I put a thousand. But this bike, in general, still gets me to 700. Missing the 300 I guess that will come when they start racing and the adrenaline of the competition. Well sure you get to get to 1,000.

Q: He returned to the circuit that killed Marco Simoncelli. You were not then injured. What ran through visiting Sepang? 
A: It was exciting. I saw the news that his mechanics and engineers paid homage HRC him and went to lay flowers at the point where he lost his life. I remembered it very much when I passed the first time on a single curve. It was exciting, yes.

Q: Stoner was shot in the last test. But analyzing the batch, their rhythm is huge on a track conducive to Honda. 
A: has long since we've seen three Yamaha in the top five and the other day we checked for a few hours. And that is significant. I've always said, Stoner has a talent bestial and goes fast with whatever you put, but this year, in principle, we are closer. Need to see the evolution of all the factories during these months before the World Cup.

Q: Does the extra weight on the bike has benefited? 
A. I do not think I will benefit. The only thing that maybe I could benefit and still not sure, to be seen, is the fact that tires degrade over the limit switches. I have always felt very comfortable with worn tires and could be something that was for, but to be seen.

Q: That may be the key with heavier bikes and more power. Will they limit switches funniest? 
A: The category will be more fun by several factors. First, because the three factories are more equal this year. Then I think it derrapará a little more and be more horses. For the show is more fun to see why a bike more stable but does not transmit anything. And then the tires will lower performance changes are frequent position limit.

Q: More or less as in Superbike? 
A: Could be, but so far there has been no one who has made ​​a long run.

Q: Would you like to always be spinning or thin? 
A: Yes, I love to spin, but with the MotoGP is not easy, so electronics is difficult to maintain a constant and long skid. But with small cross bikes all day I'm skidding, so I love it.

Q:. Valentino Rossi turns 33, Stoner is already dad ... and you feel a little older? 
A: Yes, I'll meet 25 years. From now on I'm going down [laughs]. They say the perfect age for the best physique is 25 years in terms of physical strength and vitality, so now I can only go down.

Q: Is life passing faster outside of the track inside? 
A: Ser racing driver is a bad thing because the year goes by so fast, you butting races, not whole and suddenly you're at the end of the year. In that sense, life goes faster than for people living or not living quietly at our own pace. But when you win is an amazing feeling. I feel fortunate that I can go as fast on the track and the track.

Q: Recently been repeated ad nauseam that is dangerous to go to 350 km. Do you still maintain? 
A: Yes, people may think that for 20 km / h will not change any thing, but it must be a limit. If we are increasing because the bikes are evolving, are more powerful, faster and do not put a limit, we will reach 370 km / h in a few years.

And a fall at that speed or 320 does not have a solution, something happens insurance. A drop to 300 as something less. I know the difference is not much but you have to put a limit. Not only the speed, weight of the bike is more, there is more inertia, the bike spits brutally up or sideways. If you do not curbs will become increasingly dangerous.

Q: Man, something has been gained in security. 
A: tires it is true that they are better and it's good to have changed and warm up before but for speed I'm against.

Q: That with age we also take fear. 
A: No, but fear is that you are more aware of things, you've had more experiences and you realize what could happen if something goes wrong.

Q: But the falls make a fire, right? 
A: No, I when I go to the Yamaha M1 I have no fear of anything. Do not think: 'Host, go into that corner and do not know if I'm going out'. I just let go on the bike, I fluid, dance and go as fast as possible. But it is true that the more we can do better security, not only for ourselves but for future generations to compete in a sport as safe as possible.

Q:. Some think that last year was his best year despite being runner-up. Do you also believe that fought and suffered like never before? 
A: It is very difficult to have a year without falling, but you always have it when jugándotela and beyond the boundaries is almost impossible. To have gone well, like last year, makes me feel proud of what little I fell and the few mistakes I made ​​because, really, was in many races last lap to make the miracle.

Q: As in Phillip Island, for example. 
A: For example. That and the mistakes were mine Silverstone, totally. But to try to make the miracle needed to give more than what I had and that's impossible not to make mistakes. And I made ​​a few for what he was stressed.

Q: For this year, so learned, yet there will be less, right? 
A: I hope so, but drive against Stoner is complicated because it has a very high level. But I think I'm up to it. We are all more even and if the Yamaha works well hopefully we can make a season in 2010.

Q: What result would sign right now? 
A: One world champion when it may only sign to be world champion again. But it depends on the circumstances of the bike, bad or good luck you have. But just signing on to be champion.

Q: Have you seen the CRT on track. What do you think of the new machines? 
A: It remains to see the evolution of the CRT and if they improve or remain stagnant but maybe another could be a problem. If so I hope the pilots are aware of and comply.

Q: Finally, let's puppets. Do you make funny? 
A: In proportion. I think you have to stop these things. But, dramatically. It is a total disgrace. Sometimes people make jokes without thinking of the consequences and know the damage they can do to the image of athletes. I hope that athletes will hit sack against that program.

Q: Does envy is bad? 
A: Yes, but we must not generalize. I think most of the French are not so. We are champions because we have carefully worked, but such programs change people's opinion, so we must not allow it, can not happen anymore.


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