Sunday, February 19, 2012

Toni Elias: "The bike works gradually getting better and I'm attaching to it"

After three days of incessant work, suited Mapfre Aspar riders feel very satisfied with their progress, and we eagerly await the next test in March.

After three days of intense activity, after hours and hours of shooting, no driver wanted to leave the Jerez circuit today, and is curiously today was the best day of the test Andalusia. Conditions have improved, the temperature was ideal and most teams have used to dismiss this training to work from early in the day, to almost six in the afternoon. 

NicoTerol, like yesterday, trying to gain grip on the train back and eliminate some vibrations in the former. Meanwhile, Toni Elias was playing with the suspension and the chassis to gain more speed through the corners faster. Both have nailed her best time of 1.43.60-day, and were totally satisfied with their performance, after imposing a rate of 1.43 during most of the day. Now you think to recover, having completed no less than 394 laps between them (226 and 168 Toni Nico) in the three days of trial. 

Nico Terol 1.43.60 (62 laps): "I am also very pleased with the results of this third day in Jerez. Physically, I'm finding more and better with the Moto2 and I can complete more laps. I made ​​the last run of the day a great pace, constantly spinning at 1.43, but then we have come a vibration in the front. There I noticed that I lack experience in the category because, trying to resolve it with determination and a little too quickly, we have engaged. My mechanics have done a great job and we have gone ahead without difficulty. I make a very positive reading of this test because our records are already quite fast and also improve every day. Rhythm is also perfect for three days, I think this is key to further progress. "

Toni Elias 1.43.60 (71 laps): "I leave Jerez happy because we had a very clear progression. We evolve at a rapid pace and every time we get closer to the time of head. Today for the first time we have turned in 1.43, considering that the last time we were here I could hardly get off of 1.45, is a good result. I'm happy because every time the bike is working better and I'm gradually attaching to it. Of course we still have room for improvement, but we worked much in these three days, and thanks to that we have collected a wealth of information to be discussed in the break period until the next workout. I say goodbye to Jerez very happy with the team, there is a super smooth relationship, I think we're doing a job we're getting progressive squarely on the right track. "

source: motocuatro

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