Sunday, February 19, 2012

Avintia Racing drivers, Viñales and Simon, among the best in the test in Jerez

The last day of spring training in Jerez has been the best in terms of weather and track conditions. Avintia Racing drivers have completed the three days of testing without incident and looking very competitive.

Although equal in both categories is the protagonist, both Maverick and Julian, marching from the Andalusian track with a lot of work done and the feeling that they are prepared for "battle" that will begin next April in Qatar. Now, some time off before the last and final IRTA next March, again in Jerez, which no longer worth any kind of strategy. In them, we will know for sure what equipment and what drivers will be featured during the year. Racing Avintia Men are convinced of being part of a select group of pilots who will fight for places of honor in 2012.

 Maverick Viñales (1.47.52) 48 laps: "After three days of testing I can only be truly happy. We worked very hard on the chassis and improved the engine a little, but we still need more. We filmed in very good and we're less than a second record in the 125 cc In next month's training we have to try and lower them to be even closer (if not better), the record. I think with the help of Honda we can get. Now there is a "break" which must be exploited to physically work best to get the best possible way to Qatar. I am very excited but we must be careful because it will not be easy. There are a lot of very good competition. We will see. "

Julian Simon (1.42.75) 62 laps: "Being able to roll with good weather and the track in good condition during these three days has been very productive. Keep in mind that this season I must discover and get familiar with the bike and the team and have these days of testing, has been fundamental to this. We made ​​the most of the three days and, as happened when we left the Valencia circuit in Jerez I'm a very good feeling and confidence that we move in the right direction. We have not reached the peak (we still improve the front end) and yet, as we are fast and competitive. Today I made ​​some great times and I have been constant. That makes me very positive about the coming IRTA and, of course, before the first race in Qatar. "

source: motocuatro

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