Monday, February 13, 2012

Moto2 Special 2012: Ricky Cardus

The surprise of last week was the signing of Ricky Cardús by the structure of Arguiñano Racing, Kenny Noyes leaving without bike shortly after the start of the IRTA when it was almost for granted that remain in the QMMF Cardús

When it seemed that Ricky had all face to stay in the structure of the QMMF in this 2012, Qatar announced that the team mate Elena Rosell in Moto2 would be Damian Cudlin , leaving him without a hole in the world. However, shortly thereafter to publish the agreement between Ricky Cardus and Argiñano Racing , which this year was the jump from the CEV to the world championship. The surprise of the announcement, came because they had registered to Kenny Noyes on the same team in the first provisional lists of IRTA.

Ricky will be making his third season in Moto2 , after arriving in 2010 at the end of it and play all of 2011 with the Qatari Federation team . Will have to see that conditions of development is the bike most famous chef on TV at the moment have not decided the machine in Jerez tested both bikes and then have the first sensations to choose more clearly.

The main objective for the pilot of Barcelona will start fighting regularly ranked in each race as it is the unfinished business of this pilot, who has managed only 2 points since the world began in Moto2, but we are sure with the experience he gained in 2011 things will go better this next season, although we know how complicated is the intermediate category with so many strong riders.

Ricky is usually your workouts at the same time Jorge Lorenzo , in addition to adding them to a great friendship, it helps in motivation and achieve the objectives required in this difficult world of motorcycles. Thus, Lorenzo makes Cardus is motivated, think, train and live as a MotoGP rider , to apply it later in the intermediate category.

Now it is starting a new adventure, but 88 is not backing down with the new challenges coming, and sure to give the maximum in the Jerez IRTA tests and they can do, to try to get to Qatar with the start about materialized and likely to make war.


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