Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Zarco adapt his riding to the demands of Moto 2

Team JiR's young Moto2™ riders concluded the Jerez Test on a positive note, with 2011 runner-up 125cc Champion Johann Zarco gradually improving over the three days of work and analyzing and modifying his riding style.

Johann Zarco and Eric Granado spent their time at the Spanish circuit first establishing the base settings of their respective bikes, and then from the second day on, refining their riding styles to make the most of their Moto2 machines. The result was verified on the third and final day, as the two riders put into practice the information gathered from the previous two days.

Johann Zarco: 
"After the first test in Valencia, I was a bit worried because I wasn’t able to improve my times during the three days of testing. In Jerez, we started looking at the telemetry data and I focused on my riding style. With this information and the support of the other riders on the track, I realized that to be fast on a Moto2 I have to take a very different approach than on the 125. Little by little I modified my riding with small changes that at the end of the day allowed me to feel better on the bike and start to enjoy myself, and make automatic the reactions needed to be fast."

Eric Granado:
"I am very happy with these three days of practice; I never thought I could ride a bike this way. At the end of the last day I started to understand how to make the rear slide and manage corner entry properly with the clutch and engine braking. I still have to work on my riding skills, so I didn’t focus on lap times at the test, because I first need to understand how my MotoBI responds. It’s also my first time with a four-stroke engine, and the advice from my team has been really helpful and let me take a big step forward. For now everything to me seems like a dream!"

The next date set in preparation for the 2012 season will be at the circuit in Albacete, where riders and technicians will meet again on the 28th and 29th of February for two days of private testing.

source: MotoGP Official

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