Friday, March 30, 2012

The Dark Side of Dani Pedrosa

1. Out to party once in a while: "I like to party at some point, especially if I go with friends. Just the week before in Jerez, my brother was a couple of friends in Geneva and showed them some pretty good local there. In Mallorca, in summer, you know you are going to slip somewhere. "

2. 'Cheating' to Aoyama: "I've come out with a pilot, as Aoyama, fooling you may not see. When I was tiny, with Elijah, Olive or Raul Jara."

3. His new love of wine: "I take it when he deserves the chance. I am a Newbie. Now I begin to know which one I like better. I mount a winery, we'll see."

4. Touching, better than a Mercedes van: "" I like simplicity. I am a very practical person. If I have to rent a car, I like one that is practical. If I travel to make some ports, I but rent a Mercedes van. I enjoy being with friends, dinner. I'm not at all unusual. I do not buy a yacht. Iphone yes I have. If you get behind that?? ".

5. In Switzerland for peace: "" It has quiet, very calm. There is little invasion. landscape, but here too there. To train is very good. "

6. Biking with Alonso: "I met Fernando training on the bike. went soft. I crossed it."

7. Assisting Schumacher: "I was driving and he bike. He had punctured two wheels. I told him if he needed a helping hand, but no. "

8. Phil Collins in the super: "At the Geneva Auto Salon dinner coincided with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has a thing for hybrid cars. At the supermarket one day I ran into Phil Collins".

9. A tail in restaurants: "" You're used to in Spain, at a restaurant that catered specially: 'What do you want? Anything that is not in the letter?'. There, when you arrive: 'A Tail " .

10. Distant neighbors: "At first, neighbors quickly closed the door. I thought: 'If I am your neighbor." Now that you know that I run on a bike ask me how it goes. But nothing more. I have only one Englishman who will love the bikes and one that is Catalan yes ask me. has already come to a couple of carrerass ".

11. Discreet cook: "I'm stoves. I'm moving the food in order to have a full crop and to go training. I do not like to be a long time in the kitchen. It excites me as other people. '"

12. Or dance or sing: "I will not dance or karaoke, but I prefer the former. The voice, I'm no good."

13. Even if the opportunity arises House music: "I think the House is good for going out. Overall, I hear a little of everything. Depends on the day."

14. Not see series: "Zero patatero. When I was younger I saw the Spanish series."

15. Very movie buff: "I am peliculero. In Iphone took a lot for airplanes and travel."

16. Little reading: "I only read occasionally."

17. He learns of the evening news: "I do not I hear anything. I spend all day running and then I say, 'has passed this or that." Journalists find out more than me, but I must admit that sometimes I understand the point of view of the press. "

18. Does not hide his anger: "Once I lost the nerves. All. I've learned that everything is better and better once out that many blue red. If not, it stays in and you get bad if you long time."

19. In social networks someday: "I have a weekly blog in Repsol. Then I have with my fans. I be tweeting all day? I am not alone. We'll see if I am the last. I've thought. It is something that is so popular that fans appreciate it. If I did, I would not for me, I would put my fans. From what I understand Twitter is to inform the Facebook?? But you have to spend all day over, that gives me a little scared to be there tiqui-tiqui, if you said that or not. doubt because the fans tell me to do one, but? would use it to say whatever he wants more than to interact. "

20. No pickups on the Internet: "I like the most traditional."

21. Scolding of the mother: "A mother is a mother. As I spend a lot? Mothers should be treated well."


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