Friday, March 2, 2012

For hardcore Valentino Rossi fans only

If you don’t give a rat’s ass about Italian gossip regarding Valentino Rossi, you can skip this post, we’ll understand, but if you’re a super fan and need to know what’s happening in the life of the MotoGP star, besides being currently 1.077s off pace from Sepang day 3 leader Casey Stoner, we can go all TMZ for you.

According to almost all the Italian newspapers, even the more respectable ones who don’t disdain some good old fashioned gossip, (like if former TIM/Ducati model Belen Rodriguez was wearing panties - that kept them busy for days), Rossi has broken up with his girlfriend of three years, Marwa Klebi. How did they come up with this tidbit? Two clues, the lady in question didn’t show up at his 33rd birthday party (February 16th) and she didn’t go to the Jovanotti concert in Rimini with him, hence the news of the break-up. Bet you couldn’t live without knowing this stuff, right?

source: twowheelsblog

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