Friday, March 2, 2012

Ivan Silva and Yonny Hernandez Shows Improvement

Although the rain has conditioned the work planned by the technicians and pilots Avintia Racing at the end of the last day-the only one that has been rolling in good condition-the feeling was positive in the face the next test that the team will perform at the Jerez circuit, due to the pre-IRTA Qatar GP.

Ivan Silva and Yonny Hernandez been able to advance in the development of the BCR-FTR, both in terms of engine and electronics and the chassis. Both drivers agree that it has taken a big step to take for solved the engine problems suffered in the previous test at this circuit and rate of positive tests with the traction control and drive electronics.

Although there are improvements to be made, especially in regard to the rebound of the front wheel, say they are in good line to achieve the targets set for the chassis. Both have reduced the times obtained in the first test performed on this same track a few weeks ago and are optimistic for future occasions. 

Yonny Hernandez (06/02/63): "I am happy because I returned to have contact with the team and the bike. I learned to work with the traction control and we have advanced in the set-up. Unfortunately, rain and electrical problems on my bike have hurt the pace of work but, fortunately, the last day was productive and we were able to shoot enough to make progress in the set-up. The training before the first GP of the season will be important to get "polish" the final details and manage to have a chassis that allows us to give the maximum. "

Ivan Silva (02/06/78): "We have worked mainly with maps of the engine and traction control. It was a shame that the rain of the first day we limited the planned work but, well, has been the case for everyone. On this last day I could focus on the chassis and although we still have problems with the front wheel, we have a little more grip and turn the bike a little better. Now that the engine runs perfectly, the next test we will focus work on getting some optimal cycle to be more competitive. "

source: motocuatro

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