Friday, March 9, 2012

Lucio Cecchinello: "CRT run the risk of seeing something shameful"

Just finished the Sepang test, Lucio Cecchinello, conducted this interview with our co- GPOne in which he talks about the results of its pilot, Stefan Bradl, and did not mince words in expressing his opinion about the new MotoGP class the CRT.

"We were quite surprised by these tests. Last year was very difficult for us, but now the gap to the leaders seems much smaller, manufacturers have supplied the same for all drivers and Bradl was very comfortable with the Honda MotoGP, rolling to a second of Stoner in the last test. Since it is still adapting his driving style to electronics, we are very satisfied, "said Cecchinello.

The German also suffered fewer problems with chatter that other Honda riders and they explained the Italian: "I think the chattering is caused by the characteristics of the new new tires, in an effort to make things safer, Bridgestone tires has with a softer shell, which gives riders the touch but can also cause vibrations The 1000 cc bikes were designed with old tires. In the previous test in Brno and Motegi, the RC213V did not have this problem. No But it also depends on the riding position and suspension settings. From this point of view of Stefan seems to suffer less than Stoner and Pedrosa, but we have to see what happens in other circuits. "

Turning to the economic, Lucio Dorna does not blame the current problems facing the premier class. "Since we control MotoGP, Dorna has done a good job from the standpoint of media and promotion, increasing the dissemination of the championship. Unfortunately, they did not have two major problems that have arisen in recent years : The ban on tobacco sponsorship and the global economic crisis. Many people thought, wrongly, that MotoGP would always have enough money and sponsors. "

Cecchinello more blame to the manufacturers' factories adopted a policy of transferring costs to the satellite teams, which are always seen as customers and partners. In 2004, it cost a million euros to rent a MotoGP and when the price increased to over three million euros in Dorna alarm went off, had to do something to reduce the price of entry into MotoGP. The new category is the result of a political confrontation between Dorna and manufacturers. are well received because increase the size of the grid, but I think it is only a transitional phase and not the future of MotoGP. are a way to tell the factories to be supplied bikes 10% or 20% more expensive than they cost the ART (the Aprilia CRT). And do not think the name is particularly appropriate CRT, I would call 'Evo Superbike.' "

"MotoGP is the top echelon of motor racing, which should only engage the best of the best, some of the CRT does not have the right profile to be in this tournament, not for lack of effort, but because they have neither the structure and technical resources. I would have done more thorough checks before accepting input, there must be some quality control. The ART of Aprilia have some sense, but other bikes are not. We run the risk of seeing something embarrassing in some circuits. "

source: motocuatro

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