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Pedrosa: "Extra Kilos of weight are same"

Dani Pedrosa knows a lot about bikes, but also other sports. The practice and loves. Others, such as motor racing, you attract. In general, look for sensations and admire the riders, like his brother or counter, which makes a difficult case.

Question. What you do not bitten by the bug to ride with a racing car as they have made ​​other motorcycle riders like Rossi, Lorenzo and Stoner?
Response. It seems safer to go on four wheels and still have feelings. I already have tight to Red Bull a few times to see if they let me try something, but is pending. The F1 is more complicated. We'll see what falls.

P. Is Red Bull or Ferrari?
R. I stay in F1 with Red Bull, of course, but Ferrari is legendary.

P. Alonso or Vettel?
R. Alonso has incredible hands, bestial. A Vettel do not know him personally, but being so young and has won a lot and is very hungry for victory.

P. Is it wrong to make so young?
R. Depends on how you affect success. Only the effect that creates a win. No matter younger or less. The important thing is if you can use that energy to make you stronger. Happened to many artists who succeed being the number of young and tiny boom has eaten all the future. The same is better to have won all so young, so you've done.

P. Do you follow football? Lately I hear more about this sport. 
R. I've never been very futbolero, nor do I follow every game and I know all the players. But my friends are all day: the goal of this or that move with what you have to put the batteries.

P. What position would you play in a football team? What player would be identified?
R. I identify more in the center. From what Xavi plays or so. More to organize the game to finish the play or defense. In fact, when he played at school is what I did. He had a good view.

P. What thrills tested? Bungee jumping'?
R. I have given for my birthday ever parachute jump. Finally, among which was a bad foot injury, so the landing, I did not, but it was there. Would. Is pending. Let's see what happens.

P. What about others?
R. With windsurfing, it seems incredible, but they have very strong sensations. It runs a lot. You're not going to 200 km / h, but in summer, when I can practice it, I like it.

P. You're a big fan of cycling. He loves to see and practice it. Would you like a team when he retired? Is that an option for your future?
R. I have spoken several times, but it would be nice to have or be in a cycling team. Not being on the bike.

P. His brother Eric is a professional cyclist. Do you envy what he does?
R. I do not envy my brother. For competition is tough, but not only on the bike. Everything else. Maybe at six o'clock you have to eat a bowl of tasteless white paste anything, get plenty of sleep? then pay normal. It is a sport suffered. Also when finished: I have understood you do not let them be seated. It's a constant pain. It is a sport that sometimes you feel lonely.

P. What do you think of everything that happened with Contador and his punishment?
R. I support because I think it has proven especially great fortitude. It has been two years of suffering, with all that inside and has continued to gain and showing great strength and much all Spanish.

That the penalty is of this kind is beyond me, they have taken so long to make a decision and now you take away what has already run on the theory that it was from that day? what's done is done and you can not steal that way right? We will remove two titles that really won them, has trained, has suffered, has been prepared for it, has made the miles I had to do with all the suffering it touches.

And on top of the huge fine that you have? has not been standing there in his house, but every day on the bike a hundred miles from cold, heat, wetting, and suddenly, 'no', as was that day, because you take it off. What has been penalized or not, has not been demonstrated either by one side or the other, one can question or so, but decide to take what has already run that I did not like. That's why I support, has proven to be a guy who goes.

P. The front tire issue I keep hearing about Bridgestone offers two for them to choose one or is the brand that you choose one?
R. So it seems we have offered two tires now on the verge of starting the World Cup. Once we have done all the preseason with the tire we thought we would have for the season, now apparently one of them doing well in certain motorcycles, but not all equal?

P. So Rossi was not doing well.
R. [Laughs] I do not know, do not know, I have not asked. The issue is that it has improved the performance of certain bikes and now want to put it, but do not see it as fair.

P. What about the issue of extra kilos of weight have gotten?
R. More of the same.

P. Because those kilos were added a posteriori to have made ​​and the development of the bikes no?
R. Yes now the bike is 157 kilos, four more overlapping is not the same as four more heavy.

P. And that's how it affects you when driving or changes of address to be bigger?
R. Well, that affects or does not, what I hate is that 'Green said, but now it is blue' and then 'blue I said that but now is yellow', but hey, as you can not do anything, there to adapt and play your cards the best you can.

P. It seems that there will be very interesting racing mid-race to the finish. I say that when the housing softer the tire is heated before-last year-took longer, and just casts doubt on the final leg.
R. Yes, the tire seems to have much grip in the first or second round and then hits a good step down, and that is where the art of driving more of the skid, to keep the tire better. But above all also for the poles, because you can get more. Last year was the best race tire had more grip because it was new, but now is more noticeable when you put a new tire, there is more change.

P. Would you prefer the 1000, 2012 or 1000 with his debut in MotoGP six seasons ago?
R. They are very similar, it has far more electronics, especially at the level of engine braking. Clutches are also very different, but rather skid bikes are fun to drive, gets up long before the wheel, you have horses out of the curve?

P. Or more like a rating before.
R. Not so much, but yes.

P. A few years ago Colin Edwards was interviewed by Valentino Rossi's Yamaha team when they shared, and advised him not to have children because they lost three tenths per lap. Do you think it will affect Stoner have been Dad or you can play in your favor?
R. Uff? I do not know if it harms. It depends on how it is important to you. Like you still makes more sense to what you do and the life you have and even can give you happiness then note on the track. I suppose changing priorities and something like a Sunday instead of staying quietly somewhere fuck you're dying for the first flight back home.

"is a strong contender for the title"

P. All bookmakers give Casey as the favorite.
R. He is the current champion. It is a very skilled pilot. It is a strong contender for the World.

P. What is that to you is better or does not care?
R. Since it was last year. Do not change anything.

"He has a lot of strength, shall stand before insurance" 
P. Do you see Jorge Lorenzo closer, as he says, of the Honda?
R. It is a pilot with a lot of strength. He's very talented, so I'm sure he'll be ahead, but all are unknowns.

"It is unknown whether it will be a revelation" 
P. Another unknown. Do you think that Alvaro Bautista may be the revelation?
R. All are unknowns. You can not tell.

"He has already shown plenty of potential," 
P. Although not read, they will do interviews. Does it bother you always ask for Marc Marquez?
R. No. Marc is a fantastic driver, with a very strong character. You have a talent bestial. It sure is a pilot for the future. For now been amply demonstrated their potential. I have no need to bother me. Sure that one day we will run together. I hope that we can measure ourselves to stop.

"It is a very high level, I do not doubt it," 
P. And Maverick Viñales?
R. Showed in his rookie year is a very high level. Without knowing the World Cup circuit was brutal. Let's see how it responds to the new category, but this year knowing them, do not doubt his talent.

"Not even, it will be difficult for them," 
P. Elena Rosell will do all the World, comes Maria Herrera. How do girls come?
R. Interesting. For them will be a little harder. Not even, even, but I look forward to them ...


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