Monday, April 2, 2012

Lapo Elkann expresses interest in buying Ducati

Lapo Elkann interest buy Ducati

Lapo Elkann, one of the heirs of the Agnelli fortune and manager of brand promotion at Fiat Automobiles (he was behind Fiat sponsoring Yamaha in MotoGP due to his friendship with Valentino Rossi) has expressed interest in buying Ducati to try to keep the marque 100% Italian.

“I consider myself a great patriot and I would hate if the Ducati was sold abroad and end up in wrong hands,” said Elkann in an interview with ‘Panorama Icon’. “The managers however are asking an unreasonable price. What would I do if they lowered their price a little? In that case, yes, I’d really think of putting in an offer.”
According to the latest rumors Volkswagen (Audi) has offered €750million for Ducati.

Source: eurosport

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