Monday, April 2, 2012

Dani Pedrosa, among those arrested for purchasing tests yachtsman

Dani Pedrosa arrested for purchasing tests yachtsman

The Spanish rider Dani Pedrosa is one of the 21 people who were arrested last Saturday by the Guardia Civil in the plot investigated for allegedly buying yachtsman tests, as confirmed to Europa Press sources familiar with the performance.

Pedrosa, who is one of the 10 people who were allegedly arrested him Saturday after being caught doing the test with a "earpiece", was released at the expense of the outcome of the judicial investigation should determine if their performance is derived or not possible imputation of Spanish rider in the case, the sources said.

The Government delegate in Valencia, Paula Sanchez de Leon, confirmed Monday the arrest of 21 people in the Valencian plot purchase exam to pump the title of pleasure boats, among which were four members of the organization, and which has not given details of the alleged perpetrators, to be the case under sub judice.

Sanchez de Leon, who has made these statements after participating in a meeting with traffic officials of the three provinces of the Community on the special traffic operation from Easter 2012, explained that last Saturday members of the Guardia Civil arrested 21 people, "of which four were riding group that facilitated the operation and test responses" from the outside, as highlighted.

It has also arrested seven other people "for having supplanted the identity of others" in the review that was made in the premises of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. "Another ten of those arrested were doing the test with an earpiece," he stated, through which they listened to the answers to test questions.

Sanchez de Leon said that the four detainees were were the test, facilitated responses to 10 of the detainees "by earpiece." "Exactly, the technology used by the know, but among the 21 detainees were four belonging to the organization and are the ones who facilitated the survey responses," he reiterated. However, the company has emphasized that no "gag order" and therefore can not reveal the identity of the detainees.

The trial court number 8 from Valencia will return over the detainees on Monday that the Civil Guard available to this court in the operation for alleged misrepresentation in obtaining the license, as noted by the High Court of Justice of Valencia.

Tests for obtaining various degrees of pleasure craft are made under the supervision of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Planning and the Environment of the Valencian Community. Sources for this department have indicated that they are "willing to listen to all the recommendations that may come from the Civil Guard to improve safety", in relation to the conduct of these tests, after what happened.

These same sources have told Europa Press that technical infrastructures are those who are responsible for "the custody of the examinations and supervision during the performance test." "None of the technicians have done nothing wrong", have claimed from the Department.

Infrastructure Technicians are responsible for making copies of the exams, which are then distributed, and seal the boxes where they are kept until the completion of the test. After that move are the exams, and completed, a room for correction Polytechnic Institute professors Fishing, dependent of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Water of Valencia.


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