Friday, April 6, 2012

Pedrosa: "It went well, but tomorrow we must move forward"

Dani Pedrosa Smile

Dani Pedrosa finished the first training satisfied the year in preparation for the MotoGP Grand Prix of Qatar, which opened today in Losail.

The Spanish driver of the Honda HRC has said a few minutes after finishing the session that "we had a lot chatter (rebound), especially in some corners of the circuit at the top of the circuit, where drift enough. On leaving I had a problem with the tire, which also bounced, as if it were round, and I had to stop to change both. "

On the training said that "went well, it is very early, we have little evidence and finally I left a couple of times to end of line, everything is very green and will have progress tomorrow."

On paper the Yamaha, which have been ahead almost all the training, and third place in Hayden, said that "in fact I have not had time to analyze the times, let's see how it goes tomorrow, but is that Yamaha are going well and that the Ducati here too. "

The theme Yacht

Dani has been asked, too, about the now infamous title theme of yacht captain, whether it could affect their performance on the bike. "Not at all," he said, and when asked if he saw a story or if it would be something that will haunt him for a while, has insisted that "I have already said what I had to say and I have already apologized and that's it. Now to continue forward, which is the first major award and what matters to us all. " Before closing the subject, it has also been commented that he had apologized to his followers, and if that seemed enough or maybe I should extend those apologies to the rest of Spanish society. "I have spoken to everybody so already, I have to say no more."

Finally, Dani explained that "I am very cold," and though the fever is gone "is gone from me now, but this morning had."

source: motocuatro

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