Thursday, April 21, 2011

Burgess : Honda Must Win in 2011

Legendary crew chief Jerry Burgess was commented about Honda. It's now or never, this year Honda is making a very big push. No doubt about that. Casey Stoner was injected fresh impetus. It was obvious that Honda was going all guns blazing to try and win the 2011 MotoGP.

“Honda is making a very big push, no question about that. They haven’t won seriously since 2003. I know they won in 2006 but I know the mentality of the people at Honda and if you don’t dominate the races through the year it is not the same feeling."

"They couldn’t go out every Monday and put an ad in the paper and says Honda wins. They could put an advert saying they were world champions after Valencia but that’s a lot less advertising than pounding it into the paper every Monday morning. They’ve been trying for a number of years but the big expectation is that this has got to be the year, “said Burgess.

“The Honda group has bounced well off each other. If one rider is having a bad day he’s got all the information of the others to say ‘why am I having a bad day? It must be me rather than the bike.’ Casey is clearly the fastest rider at Honda."

"Dani will say history shows that he’s more consistent than Casey and less likely to make a mistake but Casey is now on a bike where he doesn’t have to doubt his own judgement. He’s not the leader of the team, he’s just guiding himself and that will give him an enormous amount of confidence to the point where it might take away from Dani.”

source: MCN

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