Friday, April 22, 2011

Casey Stoner, Dani Pedrosa, and Weight Debate

Casey Stoner

Casey Stoner commenting about Dani Pedrosa weight. This Australian rider was said that Pedrosa's size is sometimes make difficult to change direction and weight balances. Casey Stoner has thrown his support behind Dani Pedrosa according to weight debate currently raging in MotoGP.

"In some situations Dani’s size is definitely not an advantage to him and the bigger guys have an advantage on the smaller guys. Now we have so much more horsepower than we did in the two-stroke era and nobody complained so much then."

"Some riders are complaining more now even though we have more horsepower and more trouble to find traction. I think this is the most important part. If you’re heavier you should have traction a little bit easier. I got the whole the new age rider criticism for years about traction control and they want to find excuses everywhere for different things and there are pros and cons to everything."

"Dani's size he has lot of difficulties like change of direction and weight balances but at the same time they have disadvantages with their bigger size trying to get tucked in on the straight and maybe on exits. But their bikes are lot more stable than they are with us. There is always going to be discussions about this so they should just put up with it. It's the way it is and if you're already struggling for grip, how can you complain about grip?"

“In my opinion this is an interesting subject and many people have a valid point but to be honest, I feel sorry for Dani in his situation. There are pros and cons for everything."

source: MCN

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