Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jorge Lorenzo The New King Of MotoGP

Jorge Lorenzo was launched new book "Jorge Lorenzo, El nuevo rey de MotoGP" (The new King of MotoGP) in Barcelona, April 12th.

This new book was recounts his career, through the medium photos, with 400 selected photos from more than 1000 photos collection of Micro Lazzari. Matt Roverts from BBC was the writer of the captions from each photo.

“I think there’s still a lot for my fans to know about me and this book has a lot of images within it that they will never have seen before,” said Lorenzo. “We’ll see in the future if there are more things to recount, I think there will be, and we still have a long time in which we can achieve many more things.”

“Valentino has been a very important rival in my MotoGP career, a very tough one, but I respect all rivals in the same manner and as equals and I don’t idolise anyone,” said Lorenzo. “All the riders who line up on the starting grid are capable of beating you on any given day. I don’t give any greater or lesser importance to Valentino than I do to any other rider.”

Jorge Lorenzo, El nuevo rey de MotoGP is now sale in Spain and will also be available in the UK and USA shortly

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