Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dovizioso: "For Pedrosa is your last chance, it can not lose"

Andrea Dovizioso has starred in one of the most visible changes of the season, leaving the official Honda team discipline to enroll with the Yamaha Tech 3, a change of equipment and bike facing with enthusiasm and motivation.

Dovi has participated last weekend in Monza Rally Show and on statements made there and collected by the Italian website, Italian ensures that, for the next season, "Stoner is the man to beat."

In assessing who will be their biggest rivals ahead of the 2012 season, Dovi says "Stoner is the man to beat, but also Pedrosa will be very difficult for him is his last chance and can not lose again," warns of Forli. "In its new brand, Yamaha, Dovi not forget that" we all know what Lorenzo can do, and should not be underestimated nor to Spies ", while remaining wary of his trial on Valentino Rossi. "First we see the work they do with the new bike."

With respect to the Yamaha that will drive next year, Dovi explains that "in Valencia tried the 800 and 1000 and behave the same way, the basic features do not change, but the engine thousand goes well, I like a lot, although there are some issues to resolve cycling. In Malaysia we will test the bike with the changes and see how it works. The problems must be resolved during the winter, not in the season, "he says. On his new post after so many years in Honda, Dovi admits that "I gustómucho engineers approach, we talked a lot during the test, is a factory more small with a different way of working, "he says. "The passage of an official team to a satellite has its pros and cons, is a more Spartan team, I like it because people are more at hand, I have heard a lot during testing and I think that my arrival has generated excitement. I know we can do well next season. "

source: motocuatro

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