Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Valentino Rossi as Schumacher?

What is shared by Michael Schumacher and Valentino Rossi? A question to which there are several answers. Some might say that both have raced for the Italian Red par excellence, each in their respective category. Others might argue that both Rossi and Schumacher were at least 7 times world champions. All correct answers.

From today, but there is also another thing that unites Valentino Rossi and Michael Schumacher. We refer to the admiration that the Pesaro demonstrated against the German cannibal. And 'news of the last few hours in fact, that Smith has changed his view of Schumacher. When the Pesaro wore other clothes in MotoGP, had repeatedly expressed a preference for Villeneuve to German.

Today, however, ideas have changed: " I think it's nice to see what Schumacher is doing .  And 'ten years older than me, but it is still in great shape and full of energy. At 43 years, I want to be like him . "This is what is said by Valentino SKYSPORT24 the microphones. it is a principle of emulation career?

It is no secret that Valentine is one of the world highlander engines. Valentino withdrawal does not want to hear about it, indeed. The mind of the pilot is already occupied Tavullia to think what he will do after he stopped racing in Moto1. The alternatives for someone like him, certainly not lacking.

The ability to run a few years in Superbike? Tempting, but the passion for the Superbike is apparently waning in recent months after the statements of nearly a year ago. The rally then? Why not, even if at the time of certainties latita Valentino himself, moreover, there is still time until retirement time.


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