Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pedrosa is prepared in Lanzarote with the selection of Handball

In the midst of preparing the 2012 European to be held in Serbia from 15 to 29 this January, the senior male handball continues his work in Lanzarote, twelve have been visited by Dani Pedrosa, who much to the same physical trainer the national team, Paco Seirul.lo.

Coinciding with the stay of the Spanish team at the Hotel Princesa Yaiza Lanzarote, Dani wanted to use the superb facilities of this center hotel to start your set-up for the World Cup 2012.

"I wanted to come to Lanzarote for the weather help in these early days of preparation, I take to work in the recovery of the shoulders to a year in which I have placed great expectations and great enthusiasm, since the main objective is to pay one hundred per hundred, combining technology and quality that I have with the contribution of the bike and get the best performance to the sum of all factors, "says Dani Pedrosa.

His usual simplicity and quality staff has made its mark within the selection, with international sharing many times and chat. "It's an excellent athlete and he is a great guy. It seems incredible that despite his physical frailty makes everything you do on a motorcycle. We chatted animatedly with him and we wanted the best for this year just started, where we all have big goals, "noted the captain Jose Javier Hombrados.

Pedrosa did not hide his satisfaction "to meet all the team players, who have been very kind to me, wishing me luck for the World Cup starts in April, the same thing that I've wanted to have the European this month in Serbia" .

The Repsol-Honda has three long months to prepare for the World Cup. "The first thing to leave behind the feelings you have after falls and injuries. I've moved on. Now start the preparation and follow my exercise routine to get to April in the best conditions. Major changes tires and engine of the new bike are that we will all compete at the highest settings, and for this we must be physically well prepared, "said Pedrosa, who makes no secret that" little lame now the bike, and that comes with risk, you have to go little by little. "

Regarding the differences in the physical preparation, Pedrosa agree that recognizes that "there are common elements among the team players and myself, since in both cases we work on strength and endurance, but for me is like a sprint race endless, while the players have their interventions to throughout the game, his moments of rest, and I go to the maximum rate possible from the beginning to the end of a career. "

"The work for both cases differ in the implementation of efforts, since Dani is working on a known resistance and which can be anticipated, curves, lines are there, and only change in the drawn and overtaking, while a handball player who does not know is facing resistance, since it depends on his opponent, his participation in the game and a number of factors are far more unpredictable. "

Dani Pedrosa wants to make more objective than "full pay", but his dream going to climb to the top of the box every Sunday, and this is the beginning of a long season. "From my box and hope to see you continue with the European medals, and especially the Olympics," he says.


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