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Dominique Aegerter Interview

Dominique Aegerter, the 21 years old Swissman who raced in the Moto2 World Championship with Technomag-CIP team knew he wanted to be a professional bike racer from a very young age.

First attempt
“Since very early,  I have realized that I want to earn my daily bread with motorcycling. I spent my whole day with all possible two-and three-wheeled vehicles to ride around in the house. This is probably the reason why I started motorbike first before I start talking,” said Domi.

Domi started motocross competition at the age of five. He worked his way steadily through the regional and junior national ranks. 

“I played my first race in 1995 at the age of 5 years. I went from there to the motocross championship of the ‘Youth Motocross Club Schoenberg.’ In 2002, I joined the "Derbi Replica 50cc Cup" and a year later the "ADAC Junior Cup 125" on the really big racetrack in Germany. Until 2003, I traveled regularly in different categories, the official Swiss Motocross Championships.”
Since 2004, Domi becoming one of the strongest youngsters in the IDM German series. Domi made his 125cc world championship debut in the 2006 Estoril GP replacing his fellow Swissman Vincent Braillard for the race and the rest of the season. He became a GP regular in 2007.  

Most difficult track
 “All race tracks is not easy, and you have to be fast in all tracks. For me the hardest circuit on the race calendar is Mugello.”

Many riders had experienced a huge crash on the race, but not for Domi. “Im lucky, I never had any big crashes. My body is still in very good condition. I always work out to keep my body in a good shape for the upcoming season. I do cycling, jogging, swimming and training at the gym. 

When come into girls, Domi seems a little shy. How many girls throw themselves at you after a race?
He answers, “No one. I’m single.”

Best Moment and Goals
“My best moment last season was for sure in Valencia when i made my first podium. What an incredibly good feeling,“ said him. "In 2008, I promised my father to cut my hair no longer after I got my first podium finish. Because it took so long, I mutated into a long-haired rider,” laughed Domi.
Domi has a pretty strong finish in 2011 season. His 3rd place podium move him up to 8th in the final standing. With the first podium finish of his career, Domi has a big motivation to face 2012. This year he will stay at Technomag-CIP  team as number one rider alongside Roberto Rolfo. He increased targets in his third Moto2 World Championship career.
“For this year, my goal is to reach the podium again and end the season in top 7.” 

Fans are really important for Domi. He surprised to know that he has lots of fans all over the world.
“When I race from country to country, I always get a lot of support from my fans. It just WOW. Thank you so much for everbody. It’s very nice to have fans like you all. And for my girls fans, big kisss,” he finished with a big grin.

Rider stats
Team : Technomag-CIP
Racing number : 77
Race machine : Suter MMX
Date of birth : 30th September 1990
Birthplace : Rothenbach
Height 172cm
Weight 64kg

Rider Career

Grand Prix debut2006 Portugal (125cc)
20062 starts 125cc World Championship, Aprilia
200723rd 125cc World Championship, Aprilia
200816th 125cc World Championship, Derbi
200913th 125cc World Championship, Derbi
201015th Moto2 World Championship
20118th Moto2 World Championship

by Firsty Ayusha @ucha6911

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