Friday, January 20, 2012

Alberto Moncayo: "We would like to be regularly among the top five"

The Spanish rider Alberto Moncayo, which this year will participate in the new category Moto3 World Championship, said today that the races were decided by minor differences and hopes to be among the top five.

The pilot of Cadiz this afternoon participated in an act of promoting Spain's Grand Prix World Championship held in Madrid for Fitur Tourism Fair.

The Cadiz said he feels very satisfied with their signing by the team of Jorge Martinez "Aspar", since it is the first time he has had the opportunity to make a good preseason, "truth" about the possibility she has had to "plan the work and training" rather than through the winter and the last days before the championship looking for sponsors.

In the new category in which you participate, the former 125 cc gives way to Moto3, said: "We could do some training but could not shoot much, since the bike is new, and are still finalizing some developments."

He adds: "Missing a little engine, but has a good base. From the factory and we have been told they are working to bring it about."

In addition, the bike will be the same for all, as in Moto2, where there are only small differences in the chassis, which, as he understood, promises to show: "It's a new category, although it remains the smallest in the world everything is novel , so it is difficult to predict. We all start the same. Some people have more experience in competition, but the bike factor is equal for all. "

It feels very excited about his new team and the trust: "I am happy for the good work and because they belong to this structure winning, which has won several titles in recent years."

He is reluctant to Set a Goal for this year: "I do not set any goals, I do not think great achievements", but ends up confessing: "We started well and see where we are. We know that we have a bit of luck, but we like to be regularly among the top five. "

And indications are that the races will be decided by the minimum, "We know that racing will be very fought and to be decided with minor differences."

Source: Reuters

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