Friday, January 20, 2012

Hector Faubel physical hones his face to the season

Motorcycling is, increasingly, an extremely demanding sport, so now the riders are true athletes. In this range we find the definition Aspar Team rider H├ęctor Faubel, someone so committed inside and outside the track, which is already preparing to face against the 2012 preseason at his best physically.

In addition to training with his personal trainer, Juan Torrijo, in addition to fireproof bike sessions, gym. There is a basic component in order to plan an athlete's training, knowledge of their physical capacity. It is necessary to establish the thresholds work to know how far to go in its preparation.

 Work as effectively as necessary, Hector Faubel developed during the day yesterday at the clinic located in Alzira TECMA. The event was organized by the Sports Medicine Department Clinic TECMA, in the morning held a variety of analytical tests to determine the current physical condition Aspar Team rider. And in the evening, Hector performed a comprehensive stress test to assess cardiac response and establish

Also performed a control to assess anthropometric body composition Valencian rider, and develop a comprehensive nutritional screening for elite athletes. TECMA Clinic, sports medicine reference in the Valencian Community, will monitor and regular rush Hector Faubel throughout the 2012 season.

Source: Aspar Team

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